It ain't for long.

I'm sitting here alone now
but it ain't for long
looking into a mirror
hanging on a cracked wall.

Slowly crawling across the floor
Slowly crawling across the floor
cables leading away from that door.

I'm not that creature
appearing on the floor
thinking where's all
that pain comes from
no not even pain, more...
more like a feeling
someone is still looking
a face appearing.

colors turn a murky gray
my eyes are wide open
standing in that space.

now it's flying around my head
Just sitting here looking into that mirror

La Strada

I don’t know what to say anymore
I’m so bored with you my love
buying your time in the rain.
there ain’t nothing to lose anyhow.

You may have wondered have we,
have we met before?
I can read the question in your eyes,
have I been here before.
Was it in a dream perhaps
or are we still taking part in this lie.
We have found the reason for reasons
and it’s such a shame for our life.

Don’t know what to think anymore.
I’m so mad about..................
Buying your time like a whore in the rain,
there ain’t nothing to lose anyhow.

You may have asked for reasons
and were answered why.
You’ve spent your whole life seek out,
seek out all these lies.

Too much has gone from us now,
making it so ghostly clear,
that yesterday, the love and place
we never knew, lies broken here.

Maybe baby are you afraid to,
are you afraid to cry.

Rubber doll

Buying rubber doll my friend
you can take me with you now
give me all the sweets you can
and I answer you at call

buying me teachers
teaching me al that you want
and give me my freedom
all that you would want

take me to a movie show
let me sit right next to you
let me think that you love me
than I give you all I could

Buying me roses
to put upon my dress
then give me a yo-yo
to play with that instead

Buy me Chevrolet my fiend
and you can take me with you now

Wet dreams.

I was waiting on a rainy night for a place to arrive
There she was standing on the other side so fine
painted in colors you wouldn't believe
wearing high heels and lace in places.

Coming too close I almost looked her in her eyes,
so wide open so seductively clear.

It almost blew my mind,
sparks were flying from her fingertips.

All the places I've been and seen,
so lonely so cold like ice.
seen the whores the pimps and the junkies,
all crazy just alike.

Distractions all around me
and I don’t feel so cool anymore.
Dreams should stay dreams,
without them life's far too short.

My place or yours take anything that you'd like.
Fifty bucks is all that I ask.
You can fool around with me all night long,
call me Jane and………………..
darling what would you like to buy.


Been away too long today to be of any use to me
To be frank I'd like to send a letter to you.

Been treating me so badly I'd thank you that won’t do
Love to be in the neighborhood but I can’t stand the blues.

Now you say you love me so much, so what's that gonna prove.
Any guy that you pay some money says same things to you.

Felt like a whore sometimes. I couldn’t bear the pain,
Wish I was a prettier sight standing in the rain.

What do you know you made me crazy?
What do you know turned me nuts?
Throw away this life I've created
Leave me alone and blow your nuts.

Can't stand the blues.

The Dark one

I’m trying to find some silence

the way it’s burning in here

please take away the pain

couldn’t stand another day.

How often now I’ve played the fool


the angel of death lay waiting for


waiting for another day

thinking of me like some kind of